EXTREME Sales Seminar

"The only richness there is, is understanding". - L. Ron Hubbard

EXTREME Sales Seminar

EXTREME Sales Seminar

Have you felt the need to re-energise yourself or your sales team? Want to understand the basics of human interaction and why some people always seem to get their way?

EXTREME Sales! is based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard and is carefully designed for those who wish to master the art of influencing others.

Attend the EXTREME Sales Seminar to master the practical skills that separate great salespeople from average salespeople. Learn how to handle those sales situations that keep most salespeople from outperforming the market.

This popular seminar is delivered by Dan Brown. (See abridged bio below!)

The seminar covers:

  • What to do you do when a hot prospect stops taking your calls?
  • How do you win against a competitor with better prices?
  • How do you tell when a prospect is lying to you or wasting your time?
  • How do you handle a prospect who is always in a hurry?
  • What is the basic rule of cold calling that should never be forgotten?

This workshop not only presents the vital technology of selling, it is specifically tailored to your individual needs.

The EXTREME Sales Seminar has been proven after thousands of delivery to have a REAL PRODUCT in making salesmen.

Hubbard College of Administration

5th Floor, Randhill Building,

104 Bordeaux Drive, Randburg

30 September 2014


Registration 08h00

Starting 08h30 Wednesday till 16h30

R 2250 per candidate

Includes all materials, refreshments and lunches

Call Jackie 083 267 9158

Email Jackie

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Here are a few of the many excellent comments from this workshop delivered:

"I enrolled my whole team in the sales workshop. Every single one of them improved their sales. I am happy to announce that in the last quarter of this year our sales have increased by 100% over the previous quarter. Prior to the workshop, the sales year was looking bleak. Instead, we broke through and had our highest-ever sales and were the number 2 dealer in the entire country."


"3 days after this workshop I beat my highest ever sale by almost 10 times - several weeks later, I nearly doubled that record. These techniques WORK!”

The workshop is not only a loose talk or a seminar. It's a workshop filled with drills and practicals and it has a specific end phenomenon. All attendees receive a certificate after completing the workshop, since it's like a mini-course.


"I want to personally thank the Hubbard College for well-delivered sales training. The course was very well put together. Additionally, our sales staff understood it with ease. We also pulled off our highest-ever quarter that very next quarter. I can say with confidence that your sales training contributed to the overall expansion and growth of Diskeeper."

Chief Operating Officer, Diskeeper Corporation

"This workshop was so good that I attended a second time. After the last workshop I produced a highest-ever for our office."


"Although I am very new to sales and haven't had any training yet, I have learned about how to keep the interest of a customer. I am intrigued by the technique of drilling and can't wait to apply it once I am promoted to inside sales manager."


"Great sales workshop!! I thought it was going to be boring, going over information I already knew and studied but it was truly incredible!! Learned lots of data and how to use the same information I thought I knew and used. Had a great day with a terrific speaker."


"I realized quite a bit today on how I am killing leads and how I can easily fix it. I also realized how I am a 'stable datum'--how my side needs to project stability. I can't wait for tomorrow."


"Thank you for an incredible workshop. These tools are a must for every salesman. In an extremely competitive marketplace the skills gained in this workshop give me the edge I need to get the sales and to keep high interest in my products and my clients and my prospects. This workshop will repair the losses I have had on all past failed closes and furthermore will prevent additional failure from occurring."


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Based on the works of L Ron Hubbard, one of the most acclaimed authors of all time. Hubbard College of Administration offers practical, effective and measurable results. Through grasping the techniques of this technology, one can turn a struggling business into a thriving and flourishing one.