Become a Management Consultant

"The only richness there is, is understanding". - L. Ron Hubbard

Become a Management Consultant

Become a Hubabrd Management Consultant

Hubbard management consultants are duly licensed business consultants who deliver Hubbard Management technology products and services professionally. Typically they deliver one-on-one consulting, seminars as well as training programs in self-paced learning classes.

Many of the successful applications you see on the pages of this site are the work of consultants introducing professionals to Hubbard management technology and delivering consulting services.

A hugely rewarding career, Hubbard management consultants not only help businesses flourish they help individuals succeed and achieve their life-long goals. Whether it is helping a bright young business owner get off on the right foot, or rescuing the family firm that’s been handed down generation to generation, or straightening out the accounting office that’s all but captured its owner from his wife and children, the accomplishments of consultants reach out, touching all areas of people’s lives.


To become a Hubbard Management consultant one first trains on the key methodologies of the Hubbard College of Administration and gets first-hand experience in the workability of the technology.

Training is tailor made to the individual’s goals and intentions and the area in which they would like to specialise in. Training is available at your closest Hubbard College of Administration.

Talk to someone at the College and take your first step towards becoming a fully trained and focused Management Consultant.


The SALES Workshop

Get hands-on practical advice and experience as you learn from a highly skilled and knowledgeable seminar leaders.

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Based on the works of L Ron Hubbard, one of the most acclaimed authors of all time. Hubbard College of Administration offers practical, effective and measurable results. Through grasping the techniques of this system, one can turn a struggling business into a thriving and flourishing one.