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"The only richness there is, is understanding". - L. Ron Hubbard


Hear what some of our clients are saying:

“The Hubbard College is a very effective college and I know this from personal experience. I’ve been to a university before. When you sit listening to somebody talk for an hour or two you tend to miss a lot. Here you sit down with your material and study it. You’re either reading or listening to the lecturers on tape, so you can go at your own pace.

“If you miss something you have it right there. You don’t have to hope that you’ll remember it in 3 days time from now. The Study Technology that we use here actually ensures that you know what you’re studying – 100%. You really get a thorough understanding of what you’re studying.

“If you are looking to improve yourself or improve your ability to run a business or manage a group, this is the place to go. What you learn here works – it’s proven.”


“I noticed I had much ease in applying the tools I learned through my entire training program at the Hubbard College. In fact it was so second-nature to me that I didn’t even have to refer to my packs to recall how to do things: I just DID them and the outcome was successful.

“It’s so amazing what having all that knowledge AND being able to use it can do for an individual (small scale), his department (medium scale) and for his entire activity/organization (large scale).

“This college program offers an intense amount of application and it applies to everything you can think of!”


“For some years now, with the correct implementation of organization, hatting & finance policies we have been able to have a good reserves cushion that has allowed us to "weather any storm" and come out of it stronger.

"The staff have stability and security. They know that if they wear their hats and produce what is expected of them, they not only feel proud but also know that they are really part of a winning team and that the company's performance is dependent upon them. "

Philip Park

“LRH Admin tech is there for myself as an executive to be able to be more exterior to the business and be able to do a lot of other ventures and be able to concentrate on my personal Goals, do things for the family, and so on. It’s always good to keep these programs in as business is a living and growing thing and the programs help to maintain its growth and keep it expanding.”

Di Woodley

“We have been implementing the policies and systems inherent in this program since 2003 and now have grown from 3 staff to 78 with an exponential growth in income. ”

Alan Murray

“It feels very comfortable to have the Admin programs in and we would be very proud to invite anyone in to see our office. It is a perfect example of a small business to see how effective these LRH programs are and how much order it brings to a business. ”

Jean Gonsalves

“If it wasn’t for the Model of Admin Know-How programs, the amount of environmental bric-a-brac that constantly hits one’s lines (such as “Eskom”, telephone lines being stolen, new staff members, etc.) we would not have made it. In his book: The Problems of Work, L Ron Hubbard talks about the stable data and the confusion. The Admin Know-how programs ARE that stable data for our business. ”

Richard Veal

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Based on the works of L Ron Hubbard, one of the most acclaimed authors of all time. Hubbard College of Administration offers practical, effective and measurable results. Through grasping the techniques of this technology, one can turn a struggling business into a thriving and flourishing one.